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We make property investment easy for everyday Australians. Are you looking for expert advice on where and how to buy an investment property? Do you need an experienced finance professional to arrange your loan? Do you want to invest in real estate? Then you have come to the right place. We have over two decades of experience in the property and finance industries and are ready to help you achieve your investment property goals.


Buying Your First Investment Property or Second Home in Melbourne

Whether you’re buying a house in Melbourne, looking for your first investment property, buying a second home for investment or looking to purchase commercial property, we can help.

At Kruse Financial, we help new investors get a foot on the ladder and experienced investors expand their portfolios and grow their wealth. Our team of finance experts offers a specialised range of services aimed at helping you secure your financial future. Whether you’re looking for personalised property investment strategies, advice, mortgage broking, property selection guidance, borrowing advice or investment insights, we can help.

To book an appointment or just have a chat, give us a call on (03) 9855 1100 or contact us online. Your path to financial freedom starts today.

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Property Investment In Melbourne

As Australia’s fastest growing city, there are plenty of opportunities in the Melbourne property market. But there’s also plenty of challenges. If you’re thinking about buying property in Melbourne as a homeowner or investor, talk to the experts at Kruse Financial. Residential property remains one of the most reliable and tax-friendly investment commodities in Australia. However, getting your foot in the door can be difficult, especially for first-time homebuyers or investors. We can provide expert guidance across all areas of property investment from selecting the property type and suburb for your investment goals to financing and cash flow management.

Property Investment Financial Freedom Program

We can help you reach your property investment and financial goals with our in-depth Property Investment Financial Freedom Program. This comprehensive training program will give you the tools you need to successfully invest in and manage property and start generating wealth.

We will provide essential insights into finding in-demand properties with the highest rental yields, sourcing competitive financing options, strategic negotiation and bidding, pursuing capital growth, generating passive income, and managing your properties and cash flow to maximise your investment portfolio.

The program includes personalised coaching sessions designed to guide you through the investment and purchase process while providing you face-to-face time with our property investment experts.

Buy An Investment Property In The Next 90-Days

You may be new to property investment, or have an established property portfolio. Whatever your experience, we can help you buy an investment property. We work with our clients in a range of ways to help achieve your financial and lifestyle goals through residential property investment. When it comes to property investment in Melbourne, we’re ready to help.

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Mortgage Broking Made Easy

Whether your goal is to purchase your first home, upgrade to a new family home, to get a better deal on your current home loan or to invest in your future, we have the experience and a solution to make it happen for you.

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How does saving $95,960 on home loan repayments sound?  The future could look very different.

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Whatever your property investment or financial goals, the team at Kruse Financial is ready to help. Whether you want to buy an investment property, invest in land or purchase commercial property, we can identify suitable options for your situation, guide you through the financing process and help to minimise risk while maximising your returns.

For expert property investment advice and guidance, talk to the Kruse Financial team today. Give us a call on (03) 9855 1100 or contact us online. Your path to financial freedom starts today.

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