Property Investment Essentials

Our complete step-by-step Property Investment Essentials Course offers a range of insights from industry experts designed to turn you into a successful property investor. Before you know it, you will be buying a property, generating wealth and positioning yourself for long-term financial success.

Our Property Investment Essentials Course is delivered via four weekly video-based training modules that will teach you everything you need to know about investing in property.

What you will learn 

The course includes four modules that covers everything from picking the right property, to financial preparation to property management and more.

Module 1: Profiting from Property

We teach you how to choose an investment property that suits your financial goals. We will run you through how to research suburbs and towns so you can understand an area’s investment potential and the factors that are crucial for investment success. We also cover the attributes of individual properties that will attract the perfect rent-paying tenant.

Module 2: Financing Your Investment

Learn what the banks are looking for in the ideal finance application so that you can lock in a low interest rate and structure your finances in the best possible way to ensure the property pays itself off.

Module 3: Negotiating Trick and Tactics

We give you the inside knowledge about the selling strategies used by real estate agents that they don't want you to know about. You will be ready to strategically bid at auction or negotiate a private sale like a professional after this module.

Module 4: Property and Cash Flow Management

Buying your investment property is only the first step. We teach you how to actively manage your property on an ongoing basis to maintain market rent, minimise your costs and maximise your cash flow.

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Invest in yourself and learn to buy a property that could generate $100,000 in growth over the next 5-years and produce enough rent to pay for itself.

How much does this opportunity cost?

$497 gives you full access to all course modules and materials.   

The knowledge and strategies you gain from this course can save you tens of thousands on your next property purchase, and importantly, avoid you making costly mistakes.

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4-Week Guided Program

Weekly video tutorials covering everything you need to know to successfully invest in property.

Bonus Checklists and Templates

Systematically guide you through each stage of the process.

Ongoing Coaching

Weekly online group coaching sessions and access to the private discussion group.

At the end of this course

Upon completion of this course, you will be making strategic property investment decisions and negotiating your next purchase like a pro. You will have the knowledge and resources to identify suburbs or towns that are ripe for capital growth. You will know how to spot a property that tenants are going to compete for and you'll know which properties to avoid.

You will understand how to be financially prepared and present an appealing loan application to any bank. And perhaps most importantly, you will be ready to manage your investment to ensure it remains profitable regardless of changes in market conditions.

The Kruse Financial Property Investment Essentials Course is an investment in your financial future.

About Your Facilitator

Jeremy Kruse is passionate about working with his clients and participants to help them build their personal wealth and to achieve a better lifestyle.

Jeremy has diverse experience and knowledge to guide you on your property and finance journey.  As well as being a professional Mortgage Broker, he is also an experienced Financial Adviser and Licensed Real Estate Agent.

Jeremy takes immense satisfaction from seeing his clients improve their financial position and works actively with them on an ongoing basis to achieve positive results.

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